Daily Prayers

Discover a welcoming community at Faizan e Madina. Experience convenience and tranquility in our well-equipped daily prayers facilities, providing a serene space for your spiritual connection and devotion to flourish.

Educational Programs

Nourish your mind with our diverse educational programs. From Quranic studies to Islamic principles, we foster growth and enrich your faith. Unlock knowledge and inspiration through engaging classes.


Our Shahadah service at Faizan e Madina is a momentous and sacred occasion, welcoming individuals into the fold of Islam with warmth and support. We guide those seeking to embrace Islam, ensuring a smooth and meaningful transition into the faith.


Celebrate your love with our Nikkah services. Our dedicated team ensures a memorable ceremony, guiding you through the sacred union. Embrace the joy of matrimony in our welcoming and supportive environment.

Support Us

Your support and donations for Masjid Faizan e Madina are invaluable. They help sustain essential services, prayer gatherings, educational initiatives, and community events. Your generosity strengthens our shared community at the heart of the mosque.

Funeral Services

Supervising the coordination of funeral arrangements and preparations, whereby the funeral service will provide the coffin and all other required amenities. They will also manage the procedure of conducting the body cleansing (Ghusl) for the funerals and burials.

Community Hub & Food Bank

Project Faizan E Madina Masjid (Community Hub) based at The Old Nursery building on Cobden Street. The project is funded by Peterborough City Council, Household Support Fund. This project was iniatiated in November 2022 and has seen regular attendance of around 30-50 families a week.