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At Masjid Faizan e Madina, we offer guided tours to individuals, schools, colleges, universities, organizations, and professional bodies, providing an insightful experience of our mosque. The tours typically occur from Monday to Thursday. To ensure a smooth visit, kindly have preferred dates in mind and make an advance booking through the provided link or contact us via email at 

During the tour, you will explore both the exterior and interior of the mosque, including the prayer hall. Our knowledgeable guides will delve into various themes, such as general Islamic principles, the five pillars of Islam, the mosque’s history and architecture, minarets, and the call to prayer (Azaan). We sincerely hope you find the tour enriching and enjoy your time with us at Masjid Faizan e Madina.

At Faizan e Madina, we warmly welcome a diverse array of guests, visitors, and esteemed dignitaries throughout the year, including schools, universities, tourists, community organizations, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, policymakers, and more. Our guided tours are thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique interests and needs of each visiting group and typically take place from Monday to Thursday. While our tours are offered free of charge, any donations received are gratefully accepted, as they contribute to enhancing the overall visitor experience.

For group tours, we kindly request that you complete our booking form well in advance of your proposed visit, as dates can be in high demand. Our tours generally last around an hour and a half, but we are more than happy to accommodate any specific requirements or time constraints.

Individual visitors are also most welcome to explore our mosque. While prior booking is preferred, you may inquire with our visits team or reception staff upon arrival to check for availability of guided tours, as this is dependent on the availability of our knowledgeable staff.

To ensure a pleasant and respectful experience for all, we kindly request that visitors observe the following guidelines:

• Before entering the prayer halls, please remove your footwear and utilize the shoe racks provided outside.

• To maintain the sanctity of the space, please adhere to our modest dress code, avoiding see-through, tight-fitting, or low-cut clothing. Sleeves should extend below the elbows, and shorts are not permitted. Women are kindly requested to wear a headscarf covering the head and chest; we are happy to provide headscarves upon request.

• Food and beverages are not allowed inside the prayer halls.

• In consideration of others, smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited within our premises.

• You are welcome to take personal photographs and videos for non-commercial use, but we kindly ask that you avoid capturing images of worshippers. For any non-personal or commercial use, please seek prior permission by contacting us via email.

Register your interest by completing the form below and we will contact you in due course.

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