Faizan e Madinah Madrassah Application Form

Complete one form per child. If you have any questions or difficulty completing this form, please email at office@faizanemadina.org

    ** Fees are paid monthly via Gocardless direct debit. We don’t accept weekly or monthly cash payments**

    Parental Agreement

      As a parent you must agree to the following rules:
    • Only children between 6 and 16 are permitted entry. Only under exceptional circumstances can children over 16 be permitted.

    • Fees will be payable in full at the beginning of each month, even if the child has been absent for some days. There is no refund for fees paid. Monthly fees are payable via Gocardless direct debit only.

    • Parents are encouraged to have Masjid membership prior to enrolling students in the madrassah – Faizan e Madinah is able to offer madrassah places at much reduced fees thanks to membership fees received. Parents who do not already have a masjid membership must complete a masjid membership form upon enrolment of their child.

    • Pupils who wish to go on holiday must bring in a written letter with exact dates and duration. During the duration of the holiday, the child/s fees will be still collected as we have to reserve the child/s place until they arrive back. Do not cancel your direct debit, to re-set DD you will be charged £10 admin fee.

    • Please ensure you child arrives on time and isn’t left on his/her own earlier than 10 minutes before the lesson time.

    • Student and Parents will respect the Madrassah, the teachers and all other users.

    • Students will follow instructions by the teacher and be respectful at all times.

    • All books for the curriculum are available from the Madrassah office for a very nominal fee. All parents are responsible for the maintenance of these books.

    • Parents are encouraged to review their child’s learning at the very least once a week.

    • Parents must not talk to teachers during class time unless invited by the teacher – If and when necessary, parents may discuss their child’s performance after class as agreed with their respective teacher.

    • Children who are absent 3 or more days without notifying the office, will be removed from the class if no information is given to the madrassah admin.

    • Children with regular poor attendance (<70%) will be removed from class.

    • Children must arrive to class on time as late attendance will be recorded.

    • If any child does not follow the rules and regulations of the Madrassah, disciplinary action will be taken. The process is as follows: Firstly, a verbal warning by the teacher. Secondly, a meeting with madrassah Admin, and a detention after Madrassah for one hour. Thirdly, a written warning for the parents and a meeting with parents. If the matter is still unresolved then the child may be expelled from the Madrassah.

    • Please discuss any complaints about the Madrassah or staff with the Admin. If the matter is still unresolved you have a right to discuss the issue with the education subcommittee.

    • The Madrassah is only responsible for students five minutes prior to the start of Madrassah and ten minutes after Madrassah ends. We cannot take responsibility for students who come earlier or remain later.

    • New students must report to the reception on the first day before joining their class

    • A passport size photo will be taken of your child to attach on the electronic register.

    Student Agreement

    As a parent you must explain the following rules to your child:
      As a student of the Faizan e Madinah Madrassah, I agree to the following rules:
    • I will take responsibility for my own actions and learning and understand the effect they have on others.

    • I will bring the correct equipment to all lessons e.g., pens, pencils, A4 lined writing pad, text books

    • I will arrive on time and complete any homework

    • I will not leave any of my books or folders in the masjid

    • I will treat everyone in the way I would like to be treated, i.e., kindly and with respect.

    • I will always use good manners and never use offensive foul language.

    • I will always respect my teacher and my elders.

    • I will not answer back but discuss issues at an appropriate time and calmly.

    • I will be quiet when told to do so.

    • I will raise my hand when I wish to speak.

    • I will follow all instructions and not disobey the teacher.

    • I will keep the masjid clean and I will not play games, such as football in the masjid or use it as a playground.

    • I will bring a note from parents if late or absent.

    • I will not bring any sweets or chocolates at any time in the masjid.

    • I will not fight or cause any physical harm to other students or my teacher.

    • I will not use a mobile phone in the masjid or take any photos. If used, this will be confiscated by the teacher. I also understand if my phone/device is lost, the masjid is not obliged to try and locate it.

    • Dress Code: I will ensure my child complies with the madrasah dress code: Uniform – Boys: White or black Jalabiyya and white or black topi/cap.

    • Girls: Black or dark coloured Jalabiyya and black or white headscarf.

    • Clean clothes.

    • Girls must cover hair with headscarf and boys must wear a hat or cap.

    • Boys and Girls must cover body according to teachings of Islam.

    • Loose clothing.

    • Shaven designs, etc. on hair styles are not permissible. Jewellery is not permissible.

    Madrassah Uniform

    1. Boys: White or black Jalabiyya and white or black topi/cap.

    2. Girls: Dark colour or black Jalabiyya and white or black headscarf.

    3. Clean clothes.

    4. Girls must cover hair with headscarf and boys must wear a topi/cap.

    5. Boys and Girls must cover their body according to the teachings of Islam. Loose clothing.

    6. Shaven designs, etc. on hair styles are not permissible. Jewellery is not permissible

    7. I shall abide by All rules and regulations of the Madrasah management and shall cooperate with all disciplinary measures suggested to me by the madrassah admin: at home and the Madrasah.